By Jared Serfozo


The Website as an Investment

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of the primary problems that web developers face is selling to customers who arenít used to paying very much for their websites. In many cases, a company pays just a few dollars per month for hosting and rarely makes updates, so convincing them to pay more money can be a challenge.

They know they need an upgrade, but often donít realize what it really costs to build and maintain an effective, professional site. When theyíre quoted a price, they view it as a prohibitive expense.

Itís your job to convince potential customers that spending the money is in their best interest. To do that, you have to get them to view their website not as an expense, but as an investment.

A functional, content-managed website is so much more than a static brochure. For some businesses it might be enough to simply post their phone number, business hours and a few pictures, but most companies can benefit from enhanced functionality.

Do they realize how much money they could save with a CMS that lets them edit content themselves rather than calling an expensive webmaster every time they need to make a small change? What about a site that makes creating banner ads or email marketing campaigns simple? Thatís not to mention selling products online, publicizing events, accepting donations, tracking payments and many other things that a good website solution can offer.

When viewed this way, your potential customer will start thinking about the revenue theyíre currently missing out on rather than the initial expense of a new website.


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