How Online Polls Increase Traffic

Published: Monday, January 31, 2011 | Tags: website, audience, polls

Most businesses use their websites as one-way communication tools by only publishing information about their businesses. While this is great to inform people of the products and services you offer, it doesn’t engage them. Establishing a dialogue between your business and your clients is a great way to get interactivity from people and understand what your customers are interested in. Online polls are one way to create that dialogue, engage visitors in two-way communication and increase traffic to your website.

Most people participate in polls because they are simple and there is no registration process or need to fill out a form. If you have a good Content Management System, polls are very easy to create and can encompass any number of topics. Below are some of the best reasons to start using polls on your website.

Engage your visitors. People like being asked their opinions, which is why online polls are so valuable. Often times, a poll will increase the amount of time a visitor stays on your website. Be sure to always post the results of your poll on your website to gain repeat visitors.

Share information with readers. It doesn’t have to be information relating to your company; you can share other information to capture interest. Ask what your visitors think about the latest law that was passed, or who they think deserves to win the Oscar this year. People are interested in what selection has the most votes, and it could create an interesting debate.

Capture feedback. Before creating your poll, always know your purpose. A poll without a purpose doesn’t help you or your clients. Do you want to entertain? Inform? Invite them to ask about your services? Make sure once you capture feedback you have a plan for it. This can be extremely valuable if you ask about what services your clients would like to see more of and how they can be improved.

Gain new material. If you set up a poll and asked, “What do you think is more important: Search Engine Optimization, Quality Content, or Great Design?” you can discuss the results of the poll in your next blog. Visitors will appreciate that you value their opinion enough to create a blog out of it and discuss the results. It might even create further dialogue if you allow others to comment on your blog.

If marketed correctly, an online poll can help you general new visitors to your site, increase your traffic, and provide you with valuable information from your customers. Always remember that people are eager and willing to share their views and opinions, and polls are an easy way for them to do just that.


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