Why Does a Free CMS Cost So Much?

Published: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | Tags: cms, content management

A successful business needs to not only have an active online presence, but an easy way to manage and organize their data, promote their brand, capture prospects, and integrate information. With the right Content Management System (CMS), this is an easy task.

Often times, what happens is people choose free solutions because “the price is right”. Unfortunately, businesses realize too late that as they are growing and expanding, their CMS is not. This leads to third party applications and plug ins, and soon information is scattered across several platforms with no chance of integration.

So what do these free solutions end up costing you?

Stress. No matter how user-friendly they claim to be, many Content Management Systems require you to understand HTML or often have a non-intuitive user interface. If you're not familiar with HTML, it's not only intimidating, but can lead to stress and frustration for both you and your customers.

Time. If a Content Management System requires you to spend more time updating and using it than you get to spend with your clients or building your business, you need to re-evaluate. A proper CMS should take the focus off of the technical side, and instead allow you to focus on running your business.

Money. Everybody knows that "time is money," but have you ever really applied it toward your business? If your current CMS takes an employee who is earning $20 an hour 15 hours a week to update, that's $300 a week, and $15,600 annually. Think about how much money you would save if it only took that employee a few hours a week.

Clients. Factor in the stress, time, and money, and ultimately a poor CMS will cost you clients.

If any of this sounds familiar, it's time for a better solution. A Content Management System should enhance your web experience and help grow and expand your business. Be sure to understand the true cost of your CMS before making a decision.


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