Freedom: More than Just Another CMS

Published: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 | Tags: content management, Freedom, software, web development, website, Accrisoft, cms

“Whether you are just getting introduced to Accrisoft Freedom or you are a seasoned Accrisoft Solution Provider, you will find that Accrisoft Freedom is much more than just another content management system.”

To a non-technical person like me, this statement was meaningless a few years ago. But now I’m sold – no longer would I recommend that anyone develop a website using something other than Accrisoft Freedom.

From a marketing standpoint, everyone at Accrisoft talks about the scalability and security of the software. However, this isn’t what made me a believer.  What sold me was the fact that a guy like me, a person whose daughter knows as much about my iPhone as I do, can take full ownership and control of a robust and beautifully designed website. 

Sure, you could argue that a there are plenty of platforms out there that make it easy to operate and maintain a website.  You could even argue that there are platforms out there that have better e-commerce or event registration capabilities.  I have managed websites built in WordPress and I have (tried) managing websites that are straight HTML, but nothing I have found has the depth, functionality, and easy-to-use CMS interface like Accrisoft Freedom.  Freedom is, without a doubt, the solution to the website management problems that exist in our industry.

I get excited about Accrisoft Freedom because I know there are a lot of people that are just like me who need a way to manage and maintain their website more efficiently.  You could turn around and sell them a CMS, or you could provide them with solution – Accrisoft Freedom – that is going to change the way they look at website management.  I don’t know about your clients, but I know that I would want more than just another CMS to manage my website needs.


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