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10 More Of The Best Nonprofit Websites

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What are the latest design trends? How can my website be more user-friendly?

If you are the person responsible for your nonprofit’s website, you’re probably asking these questions all the time. In today’s post, I think you’ll find some answers.

Below are 10 beautiful and functional nonprofit websites. Some of them are simple and minimalistic, while others are more dramatic and vibrant. Some of these sites belong to huge, worldwide organizations, but we also found plenty of small, local nonprofits with incredible websites.

Check out these sites and get inspired!


Millennium Villages

The first thing you see on their homepage is a question: “How do you end extreme poverty?” Immediately, a visitor understands Millennium Villages’ mission.

Millennium Villages website

Other great design elements on this website:

  • Icons in flat colors that navigate to different sections of the website
  • Cool interactive map
  • Beautiful images to help tell the stories
  • Clean, white background that allows images and icons to really pop


Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

The recently redesigned Greater OKC Chamber website does a great job of presenting a lot of information in an easy-to-digest layout. First you see big promotions in the image rotator. Next, a really nice event lister, and below that, a cool grid-style news lister. The social media feed—an element that so often wrecks a good web design—is integrated smoothly into the overall design. The flat colors on top of the image background have a great modern look.

Greater OKC Chamber website 

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Exodus Cry

This is a beautiful site with powerful, high quality images. Many of the elements that make this website so stunning are very subtle—the way the images brighten when you hover over them, and the faint lines and blocks of color that separate different sections of the page. 

Exodus Cry website

The circular blog images and buttons offer a nice contrast to the straight edges that dominate the design.

Exodus Cry blog lister 


Pflugerville Community Development Corporation

It’s easy to see that this website was built with the end user in mind. The navigation that sticks to the top of the page as you scroll, the easy-to-read dropdown menus, the clean and flat design—all of these elements make the Pflugerville CDC’s website extremely user friendly. 

Pflugerville Community Development Corporation website

Some other great usability features on this site:

  • Download Center that slides out when you click the icon on the right end of the navigation menu.
  • Built-in property search tool for site selectors
  • Option at the bottom of this page to “Download All Site Selection Data”


Suburban Realtors Alliance

The new Suburban Realtors Alliance website features a beautiful full-width image rotator on top of a clean white background.

Suburban Realtors Alliance website

Other great design elements on this website:

  • Flat color scheme
  • Rollover effect on the call-to-action buttons
  • Social media feed that toggles between four social networks
  • Really cool social share buttons on the interior pages

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National Academy Museum

This website has some unusual elements—an image header that rotates vertically, a flat dropshadow behind the navigation’s dropdown menus, and parallax scrolling (this is what gives it that layered look).

National Academy Museum 


Institute For Emerging Issues

This slick web design combines flat colors with subtle shadows and gradients for a really cool effect. The grid lister is responsive and has some great rollover effects.

Institute for Emerging Issues website


National Association Of Theater Owners

Rather than an image rotator, this website has a video rotator on its homepage. The homepage design is simple—no menu dropdowns, and just one big grid lister that can be sorted to view different categories. The interior pages display a lot of information but maintain that clean layout, so visitors won’t get overwhelmed. 

National Association of Theater Owners website 

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Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum’s homepage features an animated image rotator. This “zooming out” effect wouldn’t be appropriate for all websites, but it works for showing off this museum’s exhibits. Check out the dropdown menu, too. It’s a little different than menus you’re probably used to seeing.

Kimbell Art Museum website 


Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation

This website is refreshingly minimalistic. The image rotator contains high quality photographs, and the color scheme is simple—white and gray with golden-yellow accents. Simple infographics and icons add interesting visuals to the design.

Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation website 

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These websites made it onto the list because they all possess beautiful design AND user-friendly functionality—two crucial components of a great website. I hope you enjoyed browsing through our selections.  If you’re looking for additional inspiration, check out our first post on 10 of the best nonprofit websites.

Do you have a nonprofit website to add to the list? Please share in the comments section below!

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