See how our Solution Providers leverage the power of Accrisoft Freedom to grow their businesses.

"We’ve tried a number of open source platforms but grew tired of the lack of support, plus having to deal with numerous third-party plug-ins and doing our own hosting. Freedom has been a dream come true; everything is in one place, and it all just works." Ian Hartten (Toledo.com)

"We love the intuitiveness of the Blue Interface. It’s very easy for our customers to learn, yet provides them with powerful tools for keeping their sites fresh and up-to-date." Michael Reynolds (SpinWeb)

"The Ecosystem is great! The resources provided are excellent; especially the shareable module layouts. The forums have been a big help in getting questions answered. It’s a very knowledgeable community." Antoine Dupont (Admin eSolutions)

"We were surprised to find Freedom less expensive than the open source solutions we had used in the past. It’s spared us from the costs associated with development, platform upgrades and license acquisitions. Our clients prefer the subscription service to a large payment upfront and additional upgrade fees." Raymond Brown (Global Business Development Services LLC)

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