AccriCloud Hosting Specifications

AccriCloudThe AccriCloud is a dynamic hosting environment for Freedom websites managed by Accrisoft's system administrators. This page provides information about the servers that make up this environment. This is not an official service level agreement; however, AccriCloud websites are subject to the Service Level Agreement of Peer 1 Hosting.

Hosting Requirements

Every website has different hosting needs, and determining how powerful a server your site needs can be difficult.

There are many factors involved in how much strain is placed upon a server. The number of website visitors accessing the site is an important factor, but there are many others, including bots, spiders, remote downloads, denial-of-service attacks and other visitors to your site that aren't reflected in most customer-facing statistics programs. Another factor is how many of these visitors are accessing the site at one time, and whether your server is capable of handling peaks in usage. Also important is how the site was built — for example, a site with large graphics, embedded videos and many JavaScript files will require a more powerful server than a simple text-based website.

Should you determine that one of your websites needs greater resources, any server on the AccriCloud can be resized to a more powerful server without requiring downtime or DNS changes.

Website Availability

Accrisoft websites have 99.99% guaranteed availability, excluding maintenance. If a website is unavailable for greater than 0.01% of any month, customers are eligible and may apply for credits to their accounts. Website unavailability is defined as the inability to send or receive data caused by Accrisoft-managed hardware. This guarantee is not applicable to downtime caused by actions of the customer, network traffic, third-party software installed on the servers, or malicious code or attacks against our servers.

Outage Procedure

During an outage, Accrisoft's system administrators first determine the source of the outage. If it is related to traffic patterns, we temporarily increase the resources available to the server, and provide the customer with the option of making the upgrade permanent. If it's determined that the outage or unavailability is caused by malicious code or attacks, we review the traffic patterns of the source of the offending traffic, and if we notice recurring patterns of exclusive malicious activity from static IP addresses, we block those ranges.


Every website on the AccriCloud is backed up every night. We keep nightly backups of each site for the past seven days, plus weekly backups for the previous three weeks. Backups are stored offsite, in a separate data center in a different city than the servers themselves. The data center where backups are stored has SSAE 16 Type II certification, UPS (N+1) and diesel generator backup power systems, fire suppression systems, security card access systems and 24x7x365 staff monitoring. Click here to learn more about the facility where backups are stored.

If you ever need to recover one of these backups, we can perform a recovery for a fee.


AccriCloud servers are hosted in a facility that offers network and power redundancies, ensuring the stability of your websites and data. These facilities offer redundant network connections and two separate backup power supplies (uninterruptible power supply N+1 and diesel generator N+1).

For critical websites, we also offer redundant servers containing a copy of a website, that can be switched to in the event of an outage. Plans, which are outlined on this page, are available for a redundant server on a separate physical machine, or in a remote data center.


To help keep our customers' data safe, our servers are kept in a facility with 24x7x365 monitoring, category 5 hurricane resistance, intrusion detection sensors, fire and gas suppression systems, state-of-the-art climate control, external and internal CCTV security systems, and a proximity access control system utilizing access card and biometric authentication. Click here to learn more about the facility.


Accrisoft occasionally performs scheduled maintenance on its servers. Customers will be notified by email at least one week in advance of any scheduled maintenance taking place. AccriCloud websites may also be subject to emergency maintenance performed by Peer 1 Hosting.

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