New Interface!

The New Silver Interface

For version 9.4, Freedom Unlimited sites now include a Silver Interface, which is home to all of Freedom's tools for digital marketing, including two new modules: Shortcuts and Landing Pages.

We have also moved CRM-related modules from Blue to the Orange Interface, which is now available on all Unlimited websites. Endeavor is now just Red, the Central Command Console for SPs to manage their digital assets like servers and websites.

The idea is that different people in a company accomplish different tasks within Freedom, and the interfaces should reflect that. Freedom is much more than just a CMS, and that is now reflected in the interfaces. Here's a quick breakdown of each one:

  • White: The live website. This is what site visitors see
  • Blue: Content Management. For adding content to the live website
  • Orange: Customer Relationship Management. For managing customers, etc.
  • Silver: Digital Marketing. For everything related to sales and marketing
  • Green: Web Development. For building Freedom websites
  • Red: Central Command. For an overview of an entire web development operation