New Modules

Database Manager



The Database Manager is a new module that includes all of the features an organization needs for maintaining its member database.

Some of these features used to appear in the People Module, but given its importance, we realized that this needed to be its own module.

It features:

  • A convenient Dashboard giving a quick snapshot of information about your database
  • A Conflicts tab for resolving conflicts and merging duplicate records
  • An Actions tab for tying actions on the website to member accounts
  • A Workflow tab, where administrators can approve or deny changes that members make to their accounts
  • Revisions tab, where administrators can view all changes made to members' accounts
  • Import and Export tabs for manually sharing data to and from other software products
  • Sync tab for mapping fields between Freedom and an external database if there's a live connection
  • An Attic, where archived user information is stored. This keeps unneeded information from cluttering a database, while making sure that nothing is every permanently deleted